Monday, June 22, 2020


 who sees exactly what is taking place in the world, 
and who really wants to find out if God, truth, 
is an actuality or merely a clever invention of the priest? 

After all, you and I are the result of the collective, are we not? 

And there must be individual human beings who have completely broken away from the collective, 
from society, who are free from conditioning, not in layers or in spots, but totally, 
for it is only such individuals who can find out what truth or God is 

-not the man of tradition, not the man who does japa, rings the bell, quotes the Gita,
 and goes to the temple every day. 
It is the irreligious people who do that. 

But the man who really wants to find out 
what this extraordinary movement of living is 
must not only understand the process of his own conditioning, 
but be able to go beyond it. 

Because, the mind can find out what is true 
only when it is free from all conditioning, 
not when it merely repeats certain words or quotes the sacred books. 
Such a mind is not free.

~ J. Krishnamurti
from  Collected Works


Bill said...

This is really good thought-provoking stuff. Thanks. The notion that a mind must be free from conditioning in order to ascertain truth (at least without the benefit of accident) rings true.

Mystic Meandering said...

Lovely! Yes, as I'm discovering, free of all limiting *beliefs*! I resonate... :)