Wednesday, June 3, 2020

where you are at home

The world of the past has gone...
 Behold I am making all of creation new.
(Book of Revelations)

The new day deepens what has already happened and unfolds what is surprising,
 unpredictable, and creative... Presence is the way a person's individuality
 comes toward you.  Presence is the soul texture of the person... 
If your soul is awakened, then you realize that this is the house of your real belonging. 
 Your longing is safe there.  Belonging is related to longing
 If you hyphenate belonging, it yields a lovely axiom for spiritual growth: 
 Be - Your - Longing.  Longing is a precious instinct in the soul. 
Where you belong should always be worthy of your dignity.
 You should belong first in your own interiority.  If you belong there, 
and if you are in rhythm with yourself and connected to that deep, 
unique source within, then you will never be vulnerable
 when your outside belonging is qualified, relativized, or taken away. 
 You will still be able to stand on your own ground, the ground of your soul, 
where you are not a tenant, 
where you are at home.

~ John O'Donohue
from Anam Cara