Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a message from Coleman Barks



A message from Coleman Barks:

Trying to explain my silence, and my inability, maybe, to say poems in public for an indeterminate while. Please forgive this group emailing. Last Sunday morning (Feb. 27, 2011) I had a stroke. I was talking on the truck Onstar phone to my love Lisa Starr. I began to slur words, and then became completely inarticulate, then fairly coherent, then not, then back to some clarity. Driving down Milledge, I turned left on Springdale and drove myself to the St. Mary's Emergency room (a Gold Plus Stroke Center). They immediately put me on TPA. So I have been tremendously lucky, actually. In three months, my neurologist doctor (Van Morris!) says (by early June), we will see 80% of what improvement (in my half-smile and my speech) is possible. I plan to work with speech therapists, hypnotists, and whoever else, to get better. Larry Dossey and Fran Quinn say prayer is also a big help.Grace and practice. So there is my challenge for the short run. I am mostly sleeping as much as I can (grace) and listening to recordings of my old voice in my kitchen and talking along (practice). I am not answering the phone or the door, or emails (only a few). Please forgive me these reclusive measures. Think of me as an old dormant bear, healing. Lisa is here. Benjamin and Cole and Briny are close by always. Plenty of helpers. I should also tell you too that my cognition is working. I can read and write just fine, and no motor functions are impaired. Arms and legs active and strong. It is really just a slightly droopy right eyelid and my having only half a smile. Speech is, to me, the big problem. It radically comes and goes with its effectiveness. Hopefully, the brain will re-route itself back to normal.Love to all, Coleman

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David Hykes/Fondation Présence Harmonique said...

Words back on wings and the aerodynamics of prayer at your service, Kind and Good Sir!

All friends and the Friend-- all with you!

Unknown said...

Thank you for letting us know what has happened for you - We are sending you many blessings and wishing you much strength and well being for a speedy full recovery,
Kittisaro & Thanissara

max myers said...

Thank you for your 'presence.' Your openness to talk of your situation is strength. I will include you in my thoughts to God. May you have a speedy recovery and return to the gift you so willingly share with the world.
In gratitude,
Max Myers

Unknown said...

Sending love and prayers and long-distance Reiki healing to you Coleman. You are beloved by many. May you bask in the healing energy of all who love you.

Luke said...

Thank you for posting this Dean. All the best going out to Barks for a speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

There is so much love and so many healing blessings coming your way, my dear Coleman. Please remember to sing and sing and are a voice like no other. Much love to you and to Lisa.

PJ said...

Dear Coleman! You have brought Rumi into so many lives to bring the ancient love to NOW.
Let there be healing! You are in prayers for healing!

Much Love and well wishes!

Pamela said...

Peace and Blessings to you Coleman! I will pray that you get your speech back and that you make a full recovery! The world needs you and your voice and the love you bring from and through Rumi. I will play your cd 'I want Burning' today and send positive energy your way while 'hearing' your voice. A voice that I love to hear!
Get better real soon!
~Pamela White

Darlene said...

You are wrapped in Prayer, Dear Coleman. I have heard it said that making the figure 8 in the sideways infinity sign with whatever moves well physically (arms or legs) or just on paper. This helps stroke patients to integrate the left and right brain into a flowing pattern to work together again. It is a small thing to test for yourself.
Wishing you the best of everything for all that you have given others.

Anonymous said...

My heartfelt love to you my dearest beloved Coleman. May you continue to experience good health and wellness my dear.

With Heartfelt Respect,

Unknown said...

Prayers and blessings for you Coleman. Heal quickly and well. So good you have your love and friends with you.

Sheila said...

You are most definitely in my prayers, Coleman, and you will continue to be. Rest and be gentle with yourself at this time of rejuvenation and restoration, and i trust that you will share your gift of spoken prose with us sooner than some could imagine. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Just down the road from you, in Stone Mountain.....Loaded with verbosity of throat... Meet me in that field on the etheric, and I'll share green healing energy with you. When last I heard you read, u commented that I was so receptive, it's YOUR turn. Sending prayers and L*ght of Love, Cheraga Angela TafarI, aka Nargis.

Deb said...

You have brought so much joy, inspiration, truth and beauty to so many... Not only by reciting Rumi's words, but your own poetry as wll be held in many hearts, and prayers. May you take all the time you need to rest, and heal, recover and receive and open to all the blessings and prayers.
best wishes,

allisonsaja said...

You are loved. My inspiration. My daily reminder. My truth seeker. I treasure your gift and companionship.

A stroke is "learning for the soul," said Ram Dass.

BLISS in your recovery.

Emily Allison

Terry Sanders said...

What a wonderful example of compassion for one's Self and its relationship to circumstances. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy and complete healing. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Swift recovery brother.

Unknown said...

All my love and maximum wishes for a perfect health.
And so much gratitude for having given your voice through our beloved Rumi so we can be touch to the dephts of our heart!


Theofilia said...

Hearfelt blessings dear Heart-friend! said...

Love and light to you. I have had so much inspiration from your readings of Rumi in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you now. May you heal quickly and return to what you have done so well for so many.
Highest Blessings,

Marty Grist

Hana Peterson said...

It's that season, isn't it, when our bodies begin to do things..and we have to follow. I add my love and good wishes for your complete recovery, and if you stay half smiling and droopy lidded, I'm sure you'll just make something wonderful for everyone about it. I'll be thinking of you a lot.
Hanna Meyer Peterson

Unknown said...

I was listening to you (again) just last week in Haydn's wonderful film *Every War Has Two Losers* and once heard you read in person in LaConner, WA. I am moved each time, as I am moved now, to read your courageous words. Thank you for giving us the beauty of Rumi and your gentle activism. I know a bit about the brain, having successfully recovered from the removal of a benign tumor two years ago. What a miraculous organ it is. Keep working. You'll get there! -- Ingrid Wendt (Eugene, OR)

sharifa said...

Dear Coleman - my prayers are with you love and healing. I am so grateful you asked. Blessings, Sharifa

Premrup said...

Like Baba Ram Dass...stroked. Love, Premrup

Ort. Carlton. said...

Man, heal up quickly! I'm sorry to hear of this, but you're apt to transcend it.
So many of us who know you and love you are rooting for you that it looks like a state championship!
And you ARE a state champion, you wonderful RUMInator! Looking forward to seeing you back in circulation again when you're able.
Wholeheartedly, Ort.

Stiv Tucker said...

In a creative writing class years ago when asked your favorite poem, You said "The radish picker/with his radish/points the way."
The poem is by Basho and I still remember it. I hope you are pointing toward a speedy recovery.
This is why I don't work for Hallmark Cards.

Matthew James Moody said...

Know you are loved, and know we are watching your spiritual back as you heal. And So It Is. Matthew Moody

Anonymous said...

you are so loved. healing prayers to you from key west. xo

Melanie McGhee said...

Blessings to you for a speedy recovery. And, just so you know, there is a super magnificent amazing speech therapist in our neck of the woods, just up the road in Maryville, TN. Her name is Bobbie Beckmann. You can find her at Speech Pathology Associates - 865-982-3400. Another local resources - well, not so local, but she does travel - Caroline Munday. She is an amazing energy healer in the tradition of Donna Eden. I practice hypnosis and am more than happy to do what I can to support you in your healing. You are a blessing to so many of us who you've never met. Love and healing to you.

Anonymous said...

I pray for you from the bottom of my Heart Mr. Barks and I wish you a fast recovery. God bless.

CynthiaLukas345 said...

Dearest Coleman, We wanted you to know that you remain in our hearts and that we are praying your way. . .Much Love

Anonymous said...


May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, and may you experience ease and well-being.

Unknown said...

Had I known
of this feeble attempt to silence you,
I'd have sent a box of onions.

Onions, especially the sweet ones,
are manna of the southern man's soul.

Alas, I'm a year and a half late,
and the next onion season
isn't until May.

So wait you must.

(I bet that makes you smile.)

All the best, now & always,
Laura Bedingfield
A.B. '93; M.Ed. '95