Saturday, November 15, 2014

drifting was becoming a passion


We were thrilled anew by the expanse of swift water that was the Mississippi.
 Drifting was becoming a passion. Though there was nothing new, 
nothing changed, we looked around each succeeding bend 
with undiminished interest. No prospect was quite like any we had seen before;
 no landing was like another, each afforded new problems handling the boat; 
and when on shore, we climbed the bank or threaded the woods
 with keen expectation - of what, we could not say, but our zest for new shores
 and reaches of river was sharp as ever. The details of drifting and landing,
 of each shore we explored, of towns, boats, people, 
even of the weather, remain vivid in our minds.

~ Harlan Hubbard
from Shantyboat Journal
edited by Don Wallis

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Joan Halifax