Saturday, February 8, 2020

welcomers of that ancient joy

In a crease of the hill
under the light,
out of the wind,
as warmth, bloom, and song
return, lady, I think of you,
and myself with you.
What are we but forms
of self-acknowledging
light that brings us
warmth and song from time
to time? Lip and flower,
hand and leaf, tongue
and song, what are we but welcomers
of that ancient joy, always
coming, always passing?
Mayapples rising
out of old time, leaves
folded down around
the stems, as if for flight,
flower bud folded in 
unfolding leaves, what
are we but hosts
of times, of all
the Sabbath morning shows,
the light that finds it good.

~ Wendell Berry
from This Day - Collected and New Sabbath Poems


Mystic Meandering said...

I love the phrase "welcomers of that ancient joy"... I awoke yesterday in "bliss - such ancient joy was almost uncontainable...