Tuesday, February 4, 2020

still playing

Mind and body dropped off; 
dropped off mind and body!
This state should be experienced by everyone;
it is like piling fruit into a basket without a bottom,
like pouring water into a bowl With a pierced hole;
However much you may pile or pour you cannot fill it up.
When this is realized the pail bottom is broken through.
But while there is still a trace of conceptualizations
which makes you say ‘I have this understanding’
or ‘I have that realization’,
you are still playing with unrealities.

~ Dogen Zenji
Dogen was born about 1200 in Kyoto, Japan,
 he was drawn to the teachings of silent meditation. 
He established his own school of zen. 



noornalini said...

Nice synchronicity, I have posted this post today as well, quite a few hours before seeing it here... I think your blog is lovely and very inspiring. Thank you.

You are welcome to visit mine at

Be Happy :)

Alex (Nalini)

Dean Keller said...

thank you, glad to find your tumbler site, looks like there are many treasures there.


noornalini said...

Thank you for the kind words, Dean - the feeling is mutual :)