Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I follow barefoot


I long for You so much
I follow barefoot Your frozen tracks

That are high in the mountains
That I know are years old.

I long for You so much 
I have even begun to travel
Where I have never been before.

Hafiz, there is no one in this world
Who is not looking for God.

Everyone is trudging along
With as much dignity, courage
And style

As they possibly 

~ Hafiz
from The Subject Tonight is Love
translations by Daniel Ladinsky


Andrea Charles said...

A beautiful stanza that reminds us of the power of love, how it could help us go beyond our comfort zone, and how it helps us see a different side. We are all looking for God in ways we understand, and in ways we comprehend. This is a nice translation from Hafiz.

Mayura said...

Your poem is touching and clear. I enjoyed reading every word. There is a lot of meaning in each sentence. Surely, it is best to improve and showcase your talent to the world.

Mayura said...

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