Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Coltrane - compassion

~ John Coltrane

The divine force — God, as Coltrane defined it —
 breathes through us all, said Coltrane, 
and the last years of his life can be seen as an attempt —
 sometimes a struggle —
 to breathe God through his horn.

“Once you become aware of this force for unity in life,” 
wrote Coltrane in the liner notes for 1965’s Meditations,
 his acknowledged follow-up to A Love Supreme.
 “You can’t forget it. It becomes part of everything you do… 
my goal in meditating on this through music however remains… 
to uplift people as much as I can. To inspire them
 to realize more and more their capacities for
 living meaningful lives.”

 comments by Sean Murphy