Tuesday, July 14, 2020

perfect accord

Some people who play solos quite well simply are no good at accompanying.  
It takes a special something to know when to keep in the background 
and when to play out to give the soloist support and when, 
occasionally, the piano has a real solo passage or phrase ... 

The thing is to think of the piece as a whole, 
not as a violin part with an accompanying piano part, 
but as one piece of music.  
You feel as if you were playing the violin part yourself, 
you are in such perfect accord with the violinist.

~ Anna Hubbard
in this letter to Mia Cunningham, Anna describes her experience of playing with Harlan.  
It might as easily describe the art of  living graciously with others.

from "Anna Hubbard - Out of the Shadows"
by Mia Cunningham

Anna and Mia,1956
(Mia left)