Friday, July 3, 2020

still morning

It appears now that there is only one
age and it knows
nothing of age as the flying birds know
nothing of the air they are flying through
or of the day that bears them up
through themselves
and I am a child before there are words
arms are holding me up in a shadow
voices murmur in a shadow
as I watch one patch of sunlight moving
across the green carpet
in a building
gone long ago and all the voices
silent and each word they said in that time
silent now
while I go on seeing that patch of sunlight

~ W. S. Merwin
from Collected Poems (1996 - 2011)
art by emile claus


Judith said...

How beautiful - both the picture and the poem. There's something about early morning that makes me want to weep sometimes. The quiet and the peace of it is such a contrast to the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing this moment in time.
Judith Henry

Anonymous said...

So beautiful,
thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love both of these.