Sunday, March 21, 2021

outside the court of religious and civic opinion



The greatest prophet of the Jewish tradition, Moses, 
had the prescience and courage to move the place of hearing God outside
 and at a distance from the court of common religious and civic opinion—
this was the original genius that inspired the entire Jewish prophetic tradition.
 It is quite different than mere liberal and conservative positions, 
and often even at odds with them. 
Prophecy and Gospel are rooted in a contemplative
 and non-dual way of knowing—
a way of being in the world that is utterly free
 and grounded in the compassion of God.

how we might maintain that same sense of prophetic freedom
 outside the contemporary political and religious “encampments” of our day.
 For those of us who are sincerely and devotedly trying to camp elsewhere
 than in any political party or religious denomination, 
we know full well that we must now avoid the temptation
 to become our own defended camp.

it means that we can
 “safeguard that little piece of You, God, in ourselves” 
as Etty Hillesum describes it.
~ Richard Rohr
excerpt from his Daily Meditation
 photo by Dorothea Lange