Friday, October 5, 2012

when the dumb shall speak

There is a joyful night in which we lose
Everything, and drift
Like a radish
Rising and falling, and the ocean,
At last throws us into the ocean,
And on the water we are sinking
As if floating on darkness.
The body raging
And driving itself, disappearing in smoke,
Walks in large cities late at night,
Or reading the Bible in Christian Science windows,
Or reading a history of Bougainville.
Then the images appear:
Images of death,
Images of the body shaken in the grave,
And the graves filled with seawater;
Fires in the sea,
The ships smoldering like bodies,
Images of wasted life,
Life lost, imagination ruined,
The house fallen,
The gold sticks broken,
Then shall the talkative be silent,
And the dumb shall speak.

~ Robert Bly
from The Light Around the Body
photo by mudgalbharat


Anonymous said...

I can reread this over 10000000000 times without getting board, this have been one of my favorites of all time!!