Saturday, October 13, 2012

someone who speaks ‘broken music.’

“I believe that we are all connected on this very basic emotional level by music — 
by rhythm and harmony. But how can we begin to communicate
 if we don’t use a wider vocabulary? 
If we don’t speak in someone else’s language,
 then how can they hear you? 
So, I’m someone who speaks ‘broken music.’”

~ Paul Simon

Paul Simon, born in Newark, New Jersey (1941). 
His father was a musician and his mother was a music teacher.
 When he was in sixth grade, he got a part in the school play 
as the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. 
A boy named Art Garfunkel played the Mad Hatter.
 The two became friends after walking home from rehearsal every day. 
They started a singing duo, playing sock hops and high school dances,
 and they made a hit record when they were only 16 years old.