Saturday, October 13, 2012

accused of bad taste

A famous comedian once said, “Lenny Bruce’s legacy
 is freedom of speech and telling it as it is,
 getting your life and putting it out on the table,
 telling everyone about it.”

“I rode with him in a taxi once,only for a mile and a half.
 Seemed like it took a couple of months” 

~ Bob Dylan

I've been accused of bad taste, and I’ll go down to my grave accused of it and always by the same people, the ones who eat in restaurants that reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” “I’m sorry I haven’t been funny. I am not a comedian. I am Lenny Bruce.

The reason I’m in this business, I assume all performers are – it’s “Look at me, Ma!” It is acceptance, you know – “Look at me, Ma, look at me, Ma, look at me, Ma.” And if your mother watches, you’ll show off till you’re exhausted; but if your mother goes, Ptshew!

~ Lenny Bruce

Happy Birthday Lenny

with thanks to writers almanac