Tuesday, June 25, 2019

our inner worlds

We assume too readily that we share the one world with other people... 
It is true at the objective level that we inhabit the same physical space as other humans; 
the sky is, after all, the one visual constant that unites everyone's perception of being in the world... 

At a deeper level, each person is the custodian of a completely private, individual world...
when people come to visit you, they bring all of their inner worlds,...
their lives are not elsewhere; they are totally there with you, before you, reaching out toward you. 
 When the visit is over, their bodies stand up, walk out, and carry this hidden world away. 

 This recognition also illuminates the mystery of making love. 
It is not just two bodies that are close, but rather two worlds: 
they circle each other and flow into each other. 
We are capable of such beauty, delight, and terror 
because of this infinite and unknown world within us.

~ John O'Donohue
art by Norval Morrisseau