Thursday, March 12, 2020

perspectives on compassion - Joan Halifax

~ Joan Halifax



Mystic Meandering said...

Very touching... When my mother died a year ago this month is when I realized death can happen to me in a way that I hadn't realized it before. It hit me in the heart, not just an intellectual "acceptance" but a heartfelt "knowing." It's been a sobering year...

I would like to believe that "compassion" in some form is "inherent." That it can be "triggered." But this has not been my observation of mankind. I did not grow up in a compassionate household, so maybe I missed something there. And recently with the hoarding in the stores because of the Corona Virus. No doubt triggered by fear - "the toxin of the world" as she says.

And I love the quote - "being fully present to the whole catastrophe." Something I try to be, but not very successful.

Beautiful talk. 2 more to go :)