Sunday, November 11, 2018


When we are hyper-vigilant, 
we fear everything and everything offends us.  
We don't dare to move forward,
 as if we could reach the ultimate dwelling 
by leaving it to others to make the journey for us. 
Since that is impossible, 
why don't we exert ourselves, 
my friends, for love of our Beloved?
 Let's abandon our reason and fear into his hands. 
Forget about the weakness in our nature
 that we worry about so much. 
Let our families look after the safekeeping 
of our physical form; that's their concern.
 All we should focus on is getting to see
 this Beloved of ours as soon as possible.

Even if there is not much comfort on this path,
 we would be making a big mistake to fret about our health.
 Anxiety over our health does not improve it one bit; 
this I know.... The journey I'm talking about requires great humility... 
Unless we abandon ourselves, 
this state is arduous and burdensome. 
 We would be trudging under the load of our egos,
like mud clinging to our boots and dragging us down. 
 Those who reach the ultimate dwelling
 bear no such baggage.

~ St. Teresa of Avila
from The Interior Castle
translation by Mirabai Starr