Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Opening the letter of the body's life
inside the words.  This body, your life, is a letter
to the king of the universe.

Go to a private place and open it and read to see if
the words are right.  If they

aren't, start another!  And don't think it's easy to open
the body and read the secret

message.  This is the most courageous work, not something
for children playing with knucklebones in the dirt.

Open to the title page.  Is what it says there the same as what you
have said it says?  If

you're carrying a heavy sack, empty out the stones!  Bring
only what should be given.

~ Rumi
from The Soul of Rumi
translation by Coleman Barks


erin said...

it is uncanny that i should read this from you today, but then any day it would seem uncanny as this is the work i try to do))))

and this here now after watching this earlier today)))) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHLgTUV0XWI

oh, the body, the body, the body is a door)))