Thursday, August 16, 2012

no desire for security

Surely, the mind has abandoned itself and its moorings only when there is no desire for security. A mind that is seeking security can never know what love is. Self-abandonment is not the state of the devotee before his idol or his mental image. Self-abandonment can come about only when you do not cultivate it, and when there is self-knowing.

When the mind has understood the significance of knowledge, only then is there self-knowing, and self-knowing implies self-abandonment. You have ceased to rest on any experience as a center from which to observe, to judge, to weigh; therefore, the mind has already plunged into the movement of self-abandonment. In that abandonment there is sensitivity. But the mind which is enclosed in its habits of eating, of thinking, in its habit of never looking at anything - such a mind obviously cannot be sensitive, cannot be loving. 

In the very abandonment of its own limitations, the mind becomes sensitive and therefore innocent. And only the innocent mind knows what love is not the calculating mind, not the mind that has divided love into the carnal and the spiritual.In that state there is passion and, without passion, reality will not come near you. It is only the enfeebled mind that invites reality; it is only the dull, grasping mind that pursues truth, God. But the mind that knows passion in love to such a mind the nameless comes.

~ J. Krishnamurti
from Collected Works, Vol. XI,251
with thanks to J. Krishnamurti Online
illustration by glen wexler