Wednesday, September 4, 2019

to find himself in another

No, the great business of our time is this: 
for one man to find himself in another one who is on the other side of the world. 
Only by such contacts can there be peace, 
can the sacredness of life be preserved and developed 
and the image of God manifest itself in the world.

It is as if we met on a deeper level of life 
on which individuals are not separate beings...
it is as if we were known to one another in God.

Although we are separated by great distances and even greater barriers 
it gives me pleasure to speak to you as to one whom I feel to be a kindred mind....
It is true that a person always remains a person and utterly separate and apart from every other person. 
But it is equally true that each person is destined to reach with others an understanding and a unity which transcend individuality, and Russian tradition describes this with a concept we do not fully possess in the West- "sobornost."

from his letters to Boris Pasternak

~ Thomas Merton
from  A Life in Letters
art by Tony Karp