Sunday, August 15, 2010

I discovered a truth

I discovered a truth that seemed to me a revelation... 
There seemed to be two universes which I termed the world and the earth, 
in either of which I could choose to live.  
Then I saw there was but one, 
and that I was living on the earth looking directly into infinity.
~ Harlan Hubbard
from the afterword of "Payne Hollow - Life on the fringe of Society"
afterword by Don Wallis
art by the author, River Hills, 1935


sharanam said...

so glad you found this book, so glad you shared this. beautiful, wise words.

Dean Keller said...

Thank you Katherine.

These words from Harlan came when he was about 21. Over twenty years later he and Anna were married. They soon left conventional society, spending two years building a shantyboat from salvaged materials and then almost seven floating down the Ohio and on into the Louisiana Bayou country. This was all before establishing a more stable home at Payne Hollow where they lived for thirty-four years. He loved his intimate connection with "wild nature" and "the gentle, soft-edged creation" that is "a solace to the spirit..."

This is a fascinating story. The beauty that this humble couple found and nurtured in themselves and their surroundings is wonderful, instructive, and encouraging.