Monday, August 23, 2010

the art

When I paint a landscape,
I try to paint heaven,
and my joy at being there.
There is no artist,
living or dead,
whose work would satisfy me
as an expression of my life.
Nothing was ever painted 
that I would like to have done.
No one ever expressed me.
My painting could not have been done by anyone else,
nor in the past.
It is growing more and more unique and personal.
The beauty of the snow, 
the pleasure of seeing it
and being out in it.
To express that is the end of art.
I would like my paintings to be as real as the rain and stones,
yet transcend reality into sublimity.
My pictures follow their own course.
I draw the geographic form, but as the painting goes on,
there springs up a design which is unpredictable,
unconscious, and as perfect as my sense of harmony makes it.
~ Harlan Hubbard
from his journals, taken here from
"Harlan Hubbard and the River - A Visionary Life"
by Don Wallis
art: "Crossing the River"
 by Harland Hubbard