Sunday, September 20, 2009

When I am at the centre

When I am at the centre of my unrequited love
I cannot hold it as an object
It has no sharp edges to torture anyone
I breathe the fragrance of the longing
and the longing has no proprietor
"O my love" embraces the great wide sky
as the night picks through the constellations
lifting necklace after dripping necklace
for the delight of my true beloved
"O my love" cries out from every pore of snow
and the forest answers a from great height:
"O my love"
And one heart appears and one heart dissolves
and they clasp in the place where I am held up in the storm
And I walk to you on the waves of desire
walk across the distance with something new to tell you
about your beauty your good legs and your relentless absence
~ Leonard Cohen