Tuesday, April 6, 2010

immense spaciousness and possibility

The child who is not loved will seek to be admired.
~ Aristotle
When we look deeply into anything or anyone, 
the looking will always reveal a networking of causes and conditions,
 a fabric of interbecoming that is vast and pervasive 
without any finite boundaries in either space or time. 
There is a transforming magic in deep seeing. 
There is a magic in love;
 magic in the sense that the moment is filled with a feeling of immense spaciousness and possibility. 
Things seem more intensely alive. 
The predictable world,
 filled with its opaque-making hopes and fears becomes transparent,
 revealing a world poised on that terrifying and awesomely alive point of impermanence, 
a universe dancing in that impossible place that transcends all paradox. 
To love someone is not to know a person totally.
 It is to constantly realize that they are infinitely vast and ultimately unknowable. 
So the voyage of discovery never comes to an end and the person is a focus of undying interest, 
continually revealing new facets of being. 
~ Tarchin Hearn