Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When a person dies, there arises this doubt:

When a person dies, there arises this doubt:
"He still exists," say some; "he does not,"
Say others...
The joy of the spirit ever abides, 
But not what seems pleasant to the senses.
Both these, differing in their purpose, prompt
Us to action.  All is well for those who choose
The joy of the spirit, but they miss
The goal of life who prefer the pleasant.
Perennial joy or passing pleasure?
This is the choice one is to make always.
The first leads one to Self-realization;
The second makes one more and more 
Estranged from one's real Self...
Ignorant of their ignorance, yet wise 
In their own esteem, those deluded men
Proud of their vain learning go round and round
Like the blind led by the blind.
It is but few who hear about the Self.
Fewer still dedicate their lives to its
Realization.   Wonderful is the one
Who speaks about the Self.  Rare are they
Who make it the supreme goal of their lives.
~ Katha Upanishad