Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Christianity and Unknowing

~ Richard Rohr


Mystic Meandering said...

As a former "Christian", and former "Non-Dualist" :) I really liked this talk and using different language to bring the awareness that everything is a dynamic *uni*verse... a dynamic whole, based on a "unitive" consciousness, rather than on the *concept* of "non-duality", which in itself is making a distinction between non-duality and duality; maintaining an *identity*, a "tribe",if you will - of Non-Dualists... Creating division where in truth there really is non... My experience is that "non-duality" is still a concept, is still based on the ego-centric intellect and the arrogance of the mind, as he calls it; still creating a "we have the truth and you don't" kind of mentality. Not much different than any other religion. But that's just my experience. :)