Monday, July 16, 2012

dispatches from the front

When told that grace is our original face
and the Beloved our true body
the "ripe buffoon" breaks through
and dances with those who reject their foolishness.
He is trying to help.  But only the wandering minstrel
and the dervishing chimney-sweep can be trusted.
Only mercy.  Only the god-drunken who are ruined
for life and can't help but love.
Only Dionysius and the lotus.

In the dark room he called out uncertainly,
"Bark twice if you are God!"

~ Stephen Levine
from Breaking the Drought


Maha said...

I LOVE Stephen Levine...have his books, CD's, been to retreats with him, heard both of them speak. Ahhhh....

BUT, I'm actually posting for an odd-ish reason. I can NEVER post on Love Is A Place. Today he's wondering who to attribute the proton video to, so would you be so kind as to send him this:

Arthur Young has been called the the greatest scientific genius since Einstein. Inventor of the Bell Helicopter, cosmologist, philosopher and author of "The Reflexive Universe" and "The Geometry of Meaning," Young postulated that consciousness is at the heart of quantum reality and developed a theory presenting the photon as the ultimate constituent of that reality.

erin said...


as is the photograph top right

how are you??


atloveisaplace said...

Maha, i hope that Dean will allow me to thank you again here - i am delighted to have Arthur Young identified.
i apologize that you have been unable to comment at Love Is A Place. Comments are set to receive from 'anyone' 'always,' so it is a mystery. There is an email link there now, should you have more light to share! Best regards, alixe