Sunday, April 1, 2012

the road in the clouds

When people look for the road in the clouds 
The cloud road disappears 
The mountains are tall and steep 
The streams are wide and still 
Green mountains ahead and behind 
White clouds to east and west 
If you want to find the cloud road 
Seek it within


The higher the trail the steeper it grows 
Ten thousand tiers of dangerous cliffs 
The stone bridge is slippery with green moss 
Cloud after cloud keeps flying by 
Waterfalls hang like ribbons of silk 
The moon shines down on a bright pool 
I climb the highest peak once more 
To wait where the lone crane flies


Old and sick, more than one hundred years 
Face haggard, hair white, I’m happy to still live in the mountains 
A cloth covered phantom watching the years flow by 
Why envy people with clever ways of living?

~ Han Shan