Tuesday, September 25, 2018

the inner landscape of beauty

~ John O'Donohue


erin said...

yes!!! this is the interview with him reposted last week? is it? (it came up at the general page of on Being) i listened to the interview and loved what he had to say very much, found that through my own thoughtless and erratic meandering i have arrived at many of the same places. i must be a very lucky woman.


Lisa de Jong said...

Thank you for this interview. I cried all the way through it. At 41 years old I have finally discovered John O'Donohue. Someone who gives words to our hearts innermost thoughts. What a gift. His words will journey with me for the remainder of my life. We have lost him as a community, but as an individual I have only just found him. What he has given can never be lost to us, it remains - like a jewel without price, waiting to be found and cherished by the next person. Passing to us a key to our soul, acting as a guidepost, he points to where we find Him, who is the source of all knowledge and understanding and life - within us - our God. Or as John O'Donohue calls the God who is beauty. Our Homecoming.

Anonymous said...

more than wonderful; deepening.