Friday, March 30, 2018

in my end is my beginning

In the Beginning of Beginnings was Void of Void, the
And in the Nameless was the One, without body, without
This One - this Being in whom all find power to exist -
Is the Living.
From the Living, comes the Formless, the Undivided.
From the act of this Formless, come the Existents, each
To its inner principle.  This is Form. Here body embraces and
cherishes spirit.
The two work together as one, blending and manifesting their
Characters.  And this is Nature.
But he who obeys Nature returns through Form and Formless
to the Living,
And in the Living
Joins the unbegun Beginning.
The joining is Sameness.  The sameness is Void.  The Void is
The bird opens its beak and sings its note
And then the beak comes together again in Silence.
So Nature and the Living meet together in Void.
Like the closing of the bird's beak
After its song.
Heaven and earth come together in the Unbegun,
And all is foolishness, all is unknown, all is like
The lights of an idiot, all is without mind!
To obey is to close the beak and fall into Unbeginning.

~ Chuang Tzu
translation by Thomas Merton
from The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton
art by picasso


erin said...

(( ))

i spent a morning earlier this week with feelings/ideas close to this. i wonder if this is right, or only convincing. i will post my feelings/ideas soon in the form of the purple violet.

i wonder how many arguments, statements, breaths, can be convincing (?) an infinitude, probably, associated with the one thinking/believing.

i wonder why it so often comes down to the bird?