Thursday, December 8, 2011

complete letting go

Perhaps you have never experienced that state of mind 
in which there is total abandonment of everything, 
a complete letting go. 

And you cannot abandon everything without deep passion, can you? 
You cannot abandon everything intellectually or emotionally. 
There is total abandonment, surely, only when there is intense passion. 

Don't be alarmed by that word because a man who is not passionate, 
who is not intense, 
can never understand or feel the quality of beauty. 

The mind that holds something in reserve,
the mind that has a vested interest, the mind that clings to position,
power, prestige, the mind that is respectable, which is a horror;
such a mind can never abandon itself.

J. Krishnamurti
from  The Book of Life
art by rodin

auguste rodin


erin said...

it is a funny place i sit. in one hand i hold this love of passion as though it is the necessary oxygen of me being me. in the other hand i hold what pema chodron speaks of, a wariness of passion as poison, passion as addiction. (i can not find the fitting quote but reading comfortable with uncertainty has been very important to me. i must read it again this winter.) i exist in both hands. and so am i only a contradiction or something else i can't understand?