Thursday, February 21, 2019

a rainy night

A steady stream of almost silent rain
drops on every roof and windowsill
and stretches like a veil
deep over the darkness of the land.
It trickles and tumbles in the wind
with no movement of its own and yet alive.

The fields draw near the clouds.
Even heaven bows to the solid ground.
A rhythmic, subtle song sates the space,
swells, sways, and soaks the night in sorrow
as if a lone violin were delving deep
into dark, secret yearnings
transforming fiery torment into tone
while touching here and there a homeless heart,
which found no words
for its deep longings.

What neither words nor music could express
the wind and rain intone with quiet strength.
They fill the rainy night with a tender lullaby
and the steady rhythms of this song
sustain and cradle and appease
all unheard struggles, all unhealed pain.

~ Hermann Hesse
from Seasons of the Soul
art by Utamaro