Thursday, September 12, 2019

inviting you to be generous

Wonder, as the child of mystery, is a natural source of prayer.  
One of the most beautiful forms of prayer is the prayer of appreciation.
  This prayer arises out of the recognition of the gracious kindness of creation.
  We have been given so much.  We could never have merited or earned it.
  When you appreciate all you are and all you have, 
you can celebrate and enjoy it. 

 You realize how fortunate you are. 
 Providence is blessing you and inviting you to be generous with your gifts.
  You are able to bless life and give thanks to God. 
 The prayer of appreciation has no agenda but gracious thanks.
  Nothing is given to you for yourself alone.  
When you receive some blessing or gift, 
you do it in the name of others;
 through you, they, too, will come to share
 in the kindness of Providence.

~ John O'Donohue
from Eternal Echoes


Anonymous said...

Hello I love your blog and read every day. Brilliant photo, and I love this entry and also the clam.

Best wished and thank you for this.


Dean Keller said...

Thanks Julie, I'm really pleased, and I appreciate the comment.