Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who has been lived all these years


This which seeks is That which is sought; 
That which is sought is This which seeks.

There is no seeker, and no thing sought.
The functioning of "seeking" in whole-mind 
is conceptualized by split-mind as Seeker and Sought.

From the beginning not a thing is. 

~ Hui Neng

This which I am is That (which I am not),
That which I am not is This (which I am).
There is neither This or That.
I neither am nor am not 
(there is neither an I which is nor an I which is not)
There is neither whole-mind nor split-mind.
There is nothing to function, and no functioning.
There is no absence and no presence.

There still remains spontaneous immediacy?

It, also, neither is nor is not.
Now do you understand that there is not a thing to be understood?
Who has understood,  What has not understood?
Who has been lived all these years,  What has suffered?

~ Wei Wu Wei
from All Else is Bondage


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