Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Visiting Sand Island

Somebody showed off and tried to tell the truth
And drank wine and went to bed.  Someone 
Woke in the night and wanted his children
To walk in the grass on this island under the stars.
Someone was lucky.  Someone had eyes and found
Stars.  Someone had feet and found grass.
Someone loved thought, and knew things to learn.
Someone could turn in the river and go up or down.
Someone thought he was unlucky, thought he didn't try
To tell the truth.  Someone thought his head was dark.
Someone tried to feel as bad as others did; someone
Flapped along the ground to draw the fox to him.
Tell him, friends, that the nest is now gone;
Tell him the little twigs are all dispersed.
Tell him all he has to do is walk under stars.
Tell him the fox has long since eaten his dinner.
Robert Bly