Sunday, January 13, 2019

discontinuous fragments

We are a thoroughly shell-shocked species.
 Though we have not all suffered abuse as children, 
we have all endured experiences that we perceived as terrifying, 
and that utterly exhausted our tender attempts to comprehend and cope a result of our histories, and of our inborn disposition to become dissociative
 when our minds need protection, moderately dissociative awareness
 is the normal mental status of all adult human beings. 

 What we conceive of as an unbroken thread of consciousness is,
 instead, quite often a train of discontinuous fragments. 
Our awareness is divided.
 And much more commonly than we know, 
even our personalities are fragmented-disorganized
 team efforts trying to cope with past-rather than the sane,
 unified wholes we anticipate in ourselves and in other people.

~ Martha Stout
from The Myth of Sanity
art by picasso