Thursday, September 24, 2009

A lover was telling his beloved

A lover was telling his beloved
how much he loved her, how faithful
he had been, how self-sacrificing, getting up
at dawn every morning, fasting, giving up
wealth and strength and fame,
all for her.

There was a fire in him.
He didn't know where it came from,
but it made him weep and melt like a candle.

"You've done very well", she said, "but listen to me.
All this is the decor of love, the branches
and leaves and  blossoms.  You must live
at the root to be a true lover."

"Where is that! Tell me!"
"You've done the outward acts,
but you haven't died.  You must die."

When he heard that, he lay back on the ground
laughing, and died. He opened like a rose
that drops to the ground and died laughing.

That laughter was his freedom,
and his gift to the eternal.

~ Rumi