Thursday, March 17, 2011

remember Egypt


You who worry with travel plans,
read again the place in the Qur'an
where Moses is taking the Jewish nation out of slavery.
You so frantic to have more money,
recall what they abandoned to wander in the wilderness.
You who feel hurt by some neglect,
remember the pavilions and houses they left behind.
You that lead the community through difficulties,
read about the abundant fountains
they walked away from to have freedom.
You who dress in clothes that appear to have elegant meaning,
you with so much charm,
remember how your face will decay to dirt.
You with lots of property, read again,
They left their gardens and the quietly running streams.
You who smile a funerals going by,
you that love language, measure the wind in stanzas,
and recall the exodus, the wandering forty-year sacrifice.
Remember Egypt.

~ Rumi
from The Big Red Book
translations by Coleman Barks