Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what things want

You have to let things
Occupy their own space.
This room is small,
But the green settee

Likes to be here.
The big marsh reeds,
Crowding out the slough,
Find the world good.

You have to let things
Be as they are.
Who knows which of us
Deserves the world more?

~ Robert Bly
photo by Shreve Stockton


erin said...

there is such wisdom in poetry. i read the poetry you post here and i think, if only~

and then yesterday i ventured out from this small town and into the nearby city. i went to one of those big chain bookstores. i walked around and around looking for poetry. i asked a woman in a long winter coat who looked thoughtful beside the literature. i dunno, she smacked through her gum. i found a woman working there and i asked her. she snaked me through stacks of new items and flashy covers and even games. with a dramatic sweep of arm she pointed me to half a bookcase. i laughed out loud. as i stood and tried to read the poems, the music pumped through the store competed. i said out loud to the speakers, are you serious? this is a bookstore. the speakers were very serious.

if only~


smilingheart said...

ah yes, words that awaken, unfold beauty, surprise, and point

"Behind the leaves of the peony
There is a world still darker, that feeds many."

glad you find it so.