Thursday, February 9, 2012

a one-man revolution

I bid you to a one-man revolution -
The only revolution that is coming.
We're too unseparate.  And going home
From company means coming to our senses.

~ Robert Frost
from Building Soil
art by Frida Kahlo


erin said...

now, the first half i get, but i question the, "We're too unseparate." aren't we exactly unseparate, ie) alone? (and yet, a part of the whole.)


smilingheart said...

hi erin,

Frost seems to be pointing toward his sense that a change in our cultural insanity will come only from within each one, that we live so much of our lives in relation to pleasing or displeasing those around us, propping up our own identity perhaps, that it's in aloneness that we return home to our senses.

this is just part of a long poem, you may like to read the whole thing.