Monday, November 14, 2011

the voices


It's OK for the rich and the lucky to keep still,
no one wants to know about them anyway,
But those in need have to step forward,
have to say: I am blind,
or: I'm about to go blind,
or: nothing is going well with me,
or: I have a child who is sick,
or: right there I'm sort of glued together...

And probably that doesn't do anything either.

They have to sing; if they didn't sing, everyone
would walk past, as if they were fences or trees.

That's where you can hear good singing.

People really are strange: they prefer
to hear castratos in boychoirs.

But God himself comes and stays a long time
when the world of half-people start to bore him.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke
translation by Robert Bly
art by van gogh


erin said...

i am astounded again and again and again by him

as though he beats upon me with something common (and yet holy, magical, sustaining) like a loaf of bread.