Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the complete negation of yourself

It's very important to experience the complete negation of yourself 
which brings you to the other side of nothing. 
You go to the other side of nothing 
and you are held by the hand of the absolute. 
You see yourself as the absolute 
so you have no more insistence of self. 
You can speak of the self as no self 
when you sit in the absolute.
 Your sitting still is like a person who just shot an arrow. 
A moment later the result is there. 
What you know, the only thing you know 
is the sense that the arrow is moving all right. 
It has left your realm but you sense it is running well.
 The stillness in sitting is like that. 
You flip to the other side of nothing, 
where you discover everyone is waiting for you already
. ~ Kobun Chino