Sunday, March 19, 2017

a multitude of others

From "the incessant workings of his mind and the physical activity displayed by the body... nothing of all that is from him, is him.  He, physically and mentally,  is the multitude of others.

On the mental plane, this "multitude of others" includes many beings who are his contemporaries: people he consorts with, with whom he chats, whose actions he watches. ... the individual absorbs a part of the various energies given off by those with whom he is in contact, and these incongruous energies, installing themselves in that which he considers his "I", form a swarming throng.
To a Westerner, Plato, Zeno, Jesus, Saint Paul, Calvin, Diderot, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Napoleon, and many others constitute a diversified crowd,...
 These names are only examples. The guests, whom X shelters in his particular guest-house, are not at all the same as those who live with Y.

"that which is compound", which is constituted by the combination of elements as a house is made up of stones, wood, etc., is only a collection, a group and in no way a real "ego".  Thus the individual is empty, everything is empty, because one can find nothing in it except the parts which constitute it.

 ~ Alexandra David-Neel and Lama Yongden
from The Secret oral teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects
art by Picasso