Saturday, January 21, 2012


please, put it down. lay down your scissors shears scalpels staples pins pads probes and polyethylene dissecting pans. put down your weightless forceps beside the egg white vacuum and walk away from your sterile counter, which is less like an abacus and more like a mortician's table. you can cause no order. you can force no variation. you can know no outcome. walk away from artificial TM silence. slowly begin to not mind smudges. walk unevenly. pause often. run sometimes. stumble and laugh or pause again and think sciency if you must but sciency will only mean, what have i learned so far, not what can i. learn to not anticipate the path of the dragonfly. notice tingling. let children approach you with jam fingers. rejoice life, mourn death. learn to forget the difference. note the call of the common crow and lament the retreat of the songbird's song and yet let them both move you. please, mess up your hair. forget your shoes. please, lay it down. move faster. stop mid cathedral openings of forests and fall into the salvation of raging rivers. almost die. yet live. be the crazy person on some other crazy person's couch. carry food bits around your mouth. always know that there will be more food, next season, next field. rush to that field. fill your pockets. share. be hungry. yes, you, go, please. move faster. pass like days. be brash. blow your nose in leaves. laugh at jokes never written. this, life, now, go. what are you waiting for? an answer? there is no answer. there's not even any rightful question. what you've written in your notebook is a lie. nothing that lays like well behaved ash on a white page is a question, never mind hypothesis. only this only this only your movement only your imperfect falling being only your heart thumping ugly in your vein only you moving recklessly through your day only your mouth opened to the exposed shoulder of this world only this only this as truth comes close to being the answer to a question which has no words only this, the way.

~ erin
audio and more at in search of white space
photo by eliot porter


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