Wednesday, November 9, 2011

love of the wind


We've spent a lot of time keeping some old men alive. 
I don’t’ think you should criticize us for that. 
Even old sailors keep their love of the wind. 

We know so little of our neighbor’s sorrow. 
He never told us what happened to his son. 
What can it mean that Jesus had no sister? 

We’ll never know anything better than a dog. 
It doesn't matter how deeply he sleeps. 
The sleeping dog leaves all the world for the floor. 

It’s all right if the family gathers together at night 
And sings like sailors when the wind rises. 
The roof of the house will last the night. 

I've never been an old friend to the wind. 
Don’t expect me to be happy about haystacks 
Scattered in a storm or blown-down barns. 

Don’t expect me to talk about the Spanish armada 
Getting into trouble off the Galway coast. 
Even old sailors keep their love of the wind.

~ Robert Bly
art by van gogh