Wednesday, May 25, 2011

to eradicate violence in ourselves

. it possible to eradicate violence in ourselves?

I am asking whether it is possible for a human being living psychologically in any society to clear violence from himself inwardly?  If it is, the very process will produce a different way of living in this world.

Some of us, in order to rid ourselves of violence, have used a concept, and ideal, called non-violence, and we think by having an ideal of the opposite to violence, non-violence, we can get rid of the fact, the actual - but we cannot.  We have had ideals without number, all the sacred books are full of them, yet we are still violent - so why not deal with violence itself and forget the word altogether?

If you want to understand the actual you must give your whole attention, all your energy, to it.  That attention and energy are distracted when you create a fictitious, ideal world.  So can you completely banish the ideal?  The man who is really serious, with the urge to find out what truth is, what love is, has no concept at all.  He lives only in what is

To investigate the fact of your own anger you must pass no judgement on it, for the moment you conceive of its opposite you condemn it and therefore you cannot see it as it is.  When you say you dislike or hate someone, that is a fact, although it sounds terrible.  If you look at it, go into it completely, it ceases, but if you say, "I must not hate; I must have love in my heart," then you are living in a hypocritical world with double standards.  

To live completely, fully, in the moment is to live with what is, the actual, without any sense of condemnation or justification - then you understand it so totally that you are finished with it.  

When you see clearly the problem is solved.

~ J. Krishnamurti
from Freedom from the Known