Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Elsewhere shows pictures as language
where no words exist.
Elsewhere describes vague places;
undefined and only to be discovered intuitively.
Visual moments elude clear descriptions.
Elsewhere touches edges of perception
and gives the suppressed attention.
Elsewhere is fleeing
away from here.
From finding without searching.
It needs the here
to be elsewhere.
At the place studying the unknown
far away, understanding home.
Longing as a companion.
Elsewhere unifies contradictions.
It overcomes inside and outside.
In the distance it is narrow.
Elsewhere is noise in the silence.
Shocks are dull and quiet.
Elsewhere raises questions
merely for the sake of the questions.
And causes contented comfort to be questionable.
Sometimes it is cold from the inside.

~   Mareile Mack
with thanks to Crashingly Beautiful