Friday, February 18, 2011

ash ode



When I saw you ahead I ran two blocks 
shouting your name then realizing it wasn't 
you but some alarmed pretender, I went on 
running, shouting now into the sky, 
continuing your fame and luster. Since I've
 been incinerated, I've oft returned to this thought, 
that all things loved are pursued and never caught, 
even as you slept beside me you were flying off. 
At least what's never had can’t be lost, the sieve 
of self stuck with just some larger chunks, jawbone, 
wedding ring, a single repeated dream, 
a lullaby in every elegy, descriptions 
of the sea written in the desert, your broken 
umbrella, me claiming I could fix it.

~ Dean Young

Dean Young still needs a heart.

To learn more about it and to contribute to his transplant fund, click 

thanks to rebel girl